Something Is Wrong With Me, Part 2

by Craig Robertson

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The other half of the "Something Is Wrong With Me" album. It delves further and deeper into the emotional landscape of part one. This album also includes a secret "bonus track" which you will get when you download the other eleven songs.


released June 23, 2013




Craig Robertson Boston, Massachusetts

I live in a landscape of ghosts and scientific oddities. Memories surface like flying fish in a glassy ocean. Songwriting for me is like a spiderweb; the strangest things fly into it.

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Track Name: Grassy Knoll
Gotta Lincoln convertible
Let’s put the top down
The day is warm. Let’s go for a ride
You can wear your sunglasses
You can tell me what’s buggin’ you
You’ve said nothin’ but I know you lied.

You know I’m crazy about you
I’d do any thing for you
You’re all I ever wanted from life
So, whatever it is
What ever it is
You can tell me about it while I drive

I didn’t see that coming
I thought you were happy
I thought this was where you want to be
I don’t understand
This wasn’t the plan
Why are you saying you want to be free?
Don’t you know you’re killing me?

You’re my grassy knoll
You’re my misdirection
And I only have myself to blame
I was caught off guard
And it hit me hard
Now nothin’ will ever be the same
Track Name: How To Hate
All these things I’m thankful for, things I never knew.
All these things I never had, I got them all from you
One night I thought to tell you
But you got home too late
I’m left with this and only this:
You showed me how to hate.

I dragged the moon down from the sky, I held it in my hands
But it was cold and lifeless, now I understand
I’ve heard the preying mantis
Is wont to eat her mate
I’m left with this and only this:
You showed me how to hate.

Somewhere in this book of thorns, I’ve written all this down
And though I know what goes around, always comes around
I’ve tried to see the truth in this
But I can’t concentrate
I’m left with this and only this:
You showed me how to hate.
Track Name: Lightheaded
Never knew your were a demon
I thought you were just bein’ mean
I never knew your were a demon
I thought you were just bein’ mean
I guess I believe it now
After all the things I’ve seen

I never knew you had wings
I thought you were just lightheaded (2x)
You said you would always be my friend
And I believed you when you said it

I hate it when your eyes go black
And the room begins to shake
I ain’t never comin’ back
I’ve taken all that I can take.

I never expected you to save me
I never tried to save you (2x)
I just looked for a little kindness
After all we’d been through.
Track Name: Crosseyed
You’re crosseyed
You say you never lied to me
But you’re crosseyed
You don’t see what I see

Your lack of depth perception
You’re always looking in
And everything you see I see
And see you see again
There probably is no difference
Between the virtue and the sin
You need to see outside yourself
You’re always looking in.


Your total concentration
You focus on the truth
But you’re not really seeing it
So, really, what’s the use?
You think you’re being clear
But you really are obtuse
What you see as a simple knot
Is really a noose.


you have trouble looking out
you never seem to focus
all the things you say you doubt
and so much hocus pocus

first verse
Track Name: Map Of My Bruises
This is a map of my bruises
This is where we collided
I got this one when I fell for you
This is when I stumbled
And tumbled over the edge
This is from when I went through hell for you

I’ll admit most of the time I don’t know where I am
I can get so far out of line I can’t get back again
If I need to find a way from there to here
I just have to look in the mirror.

This is the map of my bruises
These are the marks of your lies
Everyone I fell for and believed
This one caught me off guard
It came as a big surprise
It didn’t hurt that much and I felt relieved.


D F#m Em7 A (repeat)

G F#m Em A
G F#m
Em7 A
Track Name: Right Back In Hell, again
Intro: B E F# B E F# B B(add Bb) E
G#m E
1. I was driving down a road today
G#m E
And I went driving past a place we stayed
B C#m F#
When we were running away together…

2. And I saw the sign from far away
The sky was dark and the clouds were grey
I remembered how we couldn’t stay together

B E F#
suddenly I was right back in hell
B E F#
And I was right back in hell
B E F#
And I was right back in hell with you
B E F# B E F# B (add Bb)
At that motel.

3.And I seldom ever think of you
But when I’m driving down that road I do
I think about the time we were together

4. parkinglot still looks the same
The sign still has the same damn name
It had when we were there together

Track Name: I Hate It When You're Not Happy
I was watching Dead Heat On A Merry Go Round
G Bm7 C D
You came into the room and you turned off the sound
You stood right there between me and the screen
I guess by now I should know exactly what that means

G Bm7 C D
I hate it when you’re not happy
G Bm7 C D
When you’ve got something on your mind
G Bm7 C D
Just spit it out, just get it out
G Bm7 C D
You know that I’m not blind
I hate it when you’re not happy

I was reading Stranger in a Strange Land
You sat down beside me and you took my hand
You closed my book and you looked at me
I guess by now I should know exactly what that means


Bridge; B7
Em B7
Put away the big guns, put away the knives
C Am D7
You need to remember that I’m on your side…

Track Name: Smile Much
My baby she don’t smile much She just lets it shine
I love to hear her voice In the morning time
Just lying there while she reads to me in bed
Oh, my baby, she don’t smile much she just shines instead

Now She’s close to my heart but she’s far away (2x)

Sometimes when it’s warm out we go down to the square
We have a drink with all the people gathered there
Well, I love to listen to her talk I love the things she says
Oh, my baby, she don’t smile much, she just shines instead


One day she’ll be flyin’ back over fields and farms
She’ll step off of that airplane and I’ll take her in my arms
I don’t care what has happened, or all the things we said
Oh, my baby she don’t smile much, she just shines instead.

Chorus 2x