by Craig Robertson

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The Premise

The idea for the Song Collection “Noir” came about when I was searching through a list of Film Noir titles looking for something I hadn’t seen a million times. As I was reading the titles, I said to myself, “Damn! Some of these would make great song titles.”

So I decided to select a few of the the most visual and melodramatic and write songs around them. These are not based on the movies, they are just riffing off the titles. They are all original and, hopefully, hold together as a collection.

One of the cornerstones of Film Noir is the “femme fatale”; and this naturally plays a big role in these songs.

I hope you enjoy this Collection as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it.


released April 22, 2012

Engineered by C.Robertson
Mastered by C. Robertson
All instruments: (you guessed it) C.Robertson




Craig Robertson Boston, Massachusetts

I live in a landscape of ghosts and scientific oddities. Memories surface like flying fish in a glassy ocean. Songwriting for me is like a spiderweb; the strangest things fly into it.

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Track Name: Bunco Squad

I’m with the Bunco Squad
You can’t run that scam on me
You think that I don’t know?
You think that I don’t see?
I know you think that you’ve
Planned this so carefully
I’m wth the Bunco Squad
You can’t run that scam on me

Maybe it’s late at night
Maybe it’s early dawn
Maybe I wake up cold
And find that you have gone
I see my wallet’s moved
It was in the nightstand drawer
Now it’s lying on
The bedroom floor.

But I don’t really care
I don’t keep my money there


It’s raining here again
This city’s always wet
The sky is never clear
the day’s an even bet
I feel my heart has moved
It was in my chest
You grabbed ahold of it
And took it when you left

But I don’t really care
Don’t keep my feelings there.

Track Name: Gun Crazy
Cr 2012

Gun crazy, thrill crazy
Too lazy to live clean
Five and dime, easy crime
No time to live clean

You’re a little girl in a dirty world
I ain’t gonna lie to you
Take a ride on the tilt-a-whirl
Chase away those mad blues


Let’s go to war in my muscle car
I know an easy liquor store
I have a gun, the clerk is dumb
You know that it’s an easy score


Come with me, you’ll be free
Of your parents dirty looks
You can do what you want to
We can make the history books

Track Name: Kiss of Death
Cr 2012

You came up behind me
I was leaning against the bar
You touched my shoulder
To get my attention
I pretended to be surprised
Oh, I didn’t see you there!
You said you just slipped in
From another dimension.

You’re the kiss of death
Gentle as baby’s breath
Sharp as that look you gave me
You’re the kiss of death
Gentle as baby’s breath
And I don’t think you can save me.

And I don’t know you
Very well at all
I guess that was my mistake
From the very start
I need to pay closer attention
When you change
From a hummingbird
To a great white shark

Track Name: Murder, My Sweet
Cr 2012

When I first met you
Everything was fine
I had to get you
And make you mine
I dreamed I’d have you
And all would be bliss
But I never bargained for this…

Being around you is murder, my sweet
I always thought it would make my life complete
To have you in my arms, but now I see
You’re a danger to me
being around you is murder, my sweet
Everything withers and dies
From the endless lies
To the knives in your eyes
It’s murder, my sweet.
Track Name: Nightmare Alley

She’s really Twisted
She’s really Twisted
She’s got a point of view
And she’ll stick it in you
And twist it
Yeah she’ll twist it
She’ll watch you squirm
Like a bucket of worms
She’s twisted

I ran into her in Nightmare Alley
She told me her name and it wasn’t Sally
She thought she was a femme fatale
Well well well, that wasn’t true
She said she was off to yoga class
She was tryin to firm up her ass
She thought she was a femme fatale
Well well well, that wasn’t true

She asked if I was on the take
I told her she made some kinda mistake
She thought I was a crooked fuzz
Well well well that wasn’t true
She said she had a man on a real short leash
They were gonna find a justice of the peace
And stupid is as stupid does
Well well well that was so true.
Track Name: Pickup on South Street

She hangs out on her lunch hour
taking photos of Chinatown
She knows which way is up
But only when she’s down
If she sees something she likes
She just has to point and shoot
She’s supercute, supercute

She works somewhere on South Street
in an office there
She does her job well
But no one really cares.
If she sees someone she likes
She just has to point and shoot
She’s supercute, supercute

She’s a pickup on South Street
She’s only looking for a friend
if you want more than that
You’d better think again
She’s a pickup on South Street
That’s her disguise
She may look like a paper doll
But there are scissors in her eyes

Focusing her camera
and clicking her heels
She will never tell you
Exactly how she feels
If she sees something she likes
She just has to point and shoot
She’s supercute, supercute

Track Name: Touch of Evil

It was a touch of evil
Sent shivers down my spine
You knew how to get to me
You knew all the time

You said you were innocent
But that wasn’t true (3x)
It was the touch of evil
That drew me to you.

It was a touch of evil
It was your other face
Razorblades in the apple
Broken glass in the lace


It was a touch of evil
A whisper of hell
The smell of brimstone
You knew so well

Track Name: White Heat

Black heart, white heat.
green eyes, baby, can’t be beat.
Blood diamonds, black pearls
Nothin’s too good for daddy’s little girl

He saw her at the seven eleven
Lookin like she walked out of second hand heaven
Everytime she talked he would get butterflies
And fall fall fall into her green green eyes

He asked her what she wanted, she said to go for a ride
He said no no baby and she sat down and cried
So he bought her a pepsi with the last of his cash
Sat down right beside her and started talking trash

He said she had a body like original sin
She made him say it to her again and again
She took a piece of chewing gum and blew a big bubble
He knew the way she popped it she was gonna be trouble.


Everybody’s lookin for her where did she go
She was seen at a liquor store in Colorado
She was seen at a bus stop in San Francisco
She was seen on stage at a burlesque show

She was seen in the Bayou with a heart in her hand
Grinning like the devil in the promised land