Lost Forever

by Craig Robertson

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released October 8, 2013




Craig Robertson Boston, Massachusetts

I live in a landscape of ghosts and scientific oddities. Memories surface like flying fish in a glassy ocean. Songwriting for me is like a spiderweb; the strangest things fly into it.

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Track Name: Lost Forever
(Robertson 2012)

World War Two fighter plane found
Right there where it went down
In the hot Sahara sands in 1942

Rommel in my dreams is chasing me
I’m flying high and so free
Across the endless desert sands in 1942

Lost forever, lost forever
Darlin’ I’m never coming home again (2x)

Some oil worker found the plane
Never touched, still the same
Right there where it went down
In 1942

They’re gonna put it on display
You’re gonna see it every day
As you go about your life
That thought cuts me like a knife

Track Name: She Has A Way With Words
(Craig Robertson 2013)

The train passes overhead
It kills what we’re saying dead
She tosses a suitcase on an unmade bed
This is my life, it’s clear
It’s happening now, right here
The train howls and disappears

She has a way with words
That’s what I’ve always heard
She sings like a mocking bird
She has a way with words.

If you change your point of view
It isn’t always about you
You could figure out what to do
The boards on the bedroom floor
Are as warped as this metaphor
They don’t touch, we don’t touch anymore


She says she’s tired of cash and carry
We live like words in a dictionary.

Track Name: Anime
(Craig Robertson 2013

If you were an anime girl
And I was an anime guy
If we lived in an anime world
Underneath an anime sky

If your hair was long and yellow
And mine was spiky and blue
I would be your thought balloon fellow
And you would be…well…you’d be you.

I may look comic but I’m serious
I may look comic to you
I’m trying to look mysterious
All blacks and browns and blues

if you had anime eyes
that shed great big tears when you cried
you know that I would try
to never make you cry


You have an anime face
One I can not erase
You know I’m drawn to you
The way feathers are drawn to glue.
Track Name: Attention Whore
(Craig Robertson 2013)

I’m sure you’ve squared it with yourself
You’ve told yourself it’s cool
And no one could ever accuse you
Of acting like a fool.

Every gesture haas a meaning
You curl your finger or your hair
And everyone responds to your
sly come-hither stare.

I don’t know how you got here
You weren’t like this before
Attraction without gravity
Another attention whore

I used to like the way you dressed
I guess that I still do
I like the makeup and the charms
That jangle when you move

Every gesture has a meaning
The way you toss your hair
The way you toss away your heart
As if you didn’t care


A doctor and a lawyer
A cop, an Indian chief
Are all the same where you’re concerned
You just fly in the face of belief
And never do get burned

You’ve lost the things that made you sweet
You can’t find them anymore
Attraction without gravity
Another attention whore
Track Name: Byron's Heart
(Craig Robertson 2013)

I have an unclaimed spirit
That will not rest in peace
Though I am wrapped in England’s arms
My heart remains in Greece.

I’ll face the Turks tomorrow
Though poet’s should not fight
I will board a ship and sail away
But I feel so wrong tonight

The doctors will not leave me
They insist that I be bled
My blood flows like a river
But the ghosts stay in my head

I can see tomorrow
But I cannot see today
Where is my gentle angel
To take this pain away?

Send the doctors packing
I’ve no more blood to give
Breathe my life into my poems
So they, at least, will live.
Track Name: White Girl
(Robertson 2013)

G Gdim Em Bm
She’s no alcoholic But I don’t understand
Am D
every time I see her there’s a drink in her hand
G Gdim Em Bm
She’s a citizen of the world Flys to Europe all the time
Am D
doesn’t want to settle down that’s some kinda crime.
Em D Em D C
She says she’s not American, but that ain’t true
G Am C D G
She’s a white girl painting the town red feeling blue.

She wears Italian shoes, drives a German car
She can tell you how to get to her if you tell her where you are
She’ll tell anyone who’ll listen she’ll never settle down
Morgages and nursery schools only tie you down

(bridge) she always keeps her passport, right next to her heart
She travels light. Day or night she’s ready to depart.

Track Name: Bitter Truth
(Robertson 2013)

Someone said that I seem bitter
And I suppose it’s true
There hasn’t been any sweetness in my life
Since I last held you
And every day’s a new day, though there’s never nothing new
Someone said I seem bitter and I suppose it’s true

Everything is poison, the grass, the sea, the sky
People give me nothing except the evil eye
Every day’s a new day, though there’s never nothing new
Someone said that I was bitter, and I suppose it’s true.
Track Name: New Saint Louis Blues
(Robertson 3013)

I wish I was back in New Saint Louis
Since the war there aint no one livin’ there
Just burned out buildings and radiation
in the air, I don’t care
well I wish that I could lose
These New Saint Louis blues

What am I doin sitting here in the dark
In this bombed out one room apartment in old new york
I’m reading Byron while the air raid sirens
Scream all night, yeah they scream all night

The air is filled with people’s voices
They’re all roaring like a whirlwind
I want to see the Mississippi
Rollin under the bridges again
Track Name: Second To The Last Man On Earth
(Craig Robertson 2013)

If I was the second to the last man on earth
Like a two headed snake or a double curse
If there was no one else around, just him or me
Would you take your time and choose carelessly?

Like a child in a garden full of toys
Would you become distracted by the noise
Of the wind and the rain and the flowers and the screams
Would it follow you to sleep into your dreams?

If you had to grab a rope and hang on tight
If you had to go to sleep or stay awake all night
Which side would you choose if neither side was right

If you knew that both of us had lied
Trying just to get you to decide
Would you be the lawyer or the judge
Hold on to what you got or carrying a grudge

If you said eeny meeny meeny mynee mo
Who would be the one to stay, the one to go?
Would you weigh each question question for it’s worth
If I was the second to the last man on earth.
Track Name: The Big Egg

Three a.m. at the Big Egg on Lorain Avenue
My thoughts are all scrambled, I’ve been thinking of you.
I put dreams in my coffee, but dreams seldom come true
When it’s three a.m. at the Big Egg on Lorain Avenue.

The street is deserted, just cops passing through
The stars in the sky sparkle yellow and blue
I wished on the brightest, but wishes seldom come true
When it’s three a.m. at the Big Egg on Lorain Avenue

The waitress is watching the cook clean the grill
She looks at my coffee, but I’ve had my fill
Of breakfast and dreams, But what else can I do
When it’s Three a.m. at the Big Egg on Lorain Avenue

Repeat first verse
Track Name: Crazy Ones
(Craig Robertson 2013)

You didn’t want to go out
Cause you thought that it might rain
You didn’t want to stay in
Cause I was driving you insane

Why are the crazy ones so beautiful,
Why are the crazy ones so beautiful to me?

You didn’t want to go for
A ride down the coast
And you said I made you feel like
Someone else’s ghost


Rabbits in the bushes
And spiders under the eaves
All this coming and going
And no one ever leaves

You told me you were hungry
But you didn’t want to eat
And nothing that we did made sense
And that was very sweet