Bad Choices​/​There Must Be A Circus In Town

by Craig Robertson

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This is a DOUBLE ALBUM. The first album is BAD CHOICES, and the second is THERE MUST BE A CIRCUS IN TOWN.

as of Jan.1, 2015, the physical CD of this album is SOLD OUT. Digital downloads only....


released July 4, 2014




Craig Robertson Boston, Massachusetts

I live in a landscape of ghosts and scientific oddities. Memories surface like flying fish in a glassy ocean. Songwriting for me is like a spiderweb; the strangest things fly into it.

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Track Name: Bad Choices
(Robertson ’14)

She makes bad choices all the time
She good at it, so good at it
She makes bad choices, you will find
She’s good at it, so good at it
And she doesn’t even know
She doesn’t even see
She makes bad choices all the time
And one of them was me.

She takes the hard road every time
She’s good at it, so good at it
She takes the path that’s hard to find
She’s good at it, so good at it
She never turns around
Although she’s flying blind
She takes the hard road everytime
I oughta know, it’s mine.

She makes excuses all the time
She’s good at it, so good at it
A little truth a little lie
She’s good at it, so good at it.
And if she tells you she’ll be late
You should let it be
Because she makes excuses all the time
And one of them was me.
Track Name: Everybody Goes To Hell
(Robertson 2013)

you can feed the hungry orphans
If that’s what makes you feel real
You can draw the line at wearin’ fur
Mink rabbit or baby seal (seal)

Refrain: but as far as I can tell
Everybody goes to hell

You can give all of your money
To your favorite charity
You can volunteer all your time
Go and work for free


You can worship what you like
You can worship what you please
But it just looks to me
Like a good way to get you on your knees

You can save the world’s oceans
The fish may thank you
You can help preserve the wetlands
If you got nothin’ better to do

Track Name: The Monkey Found Out

Every day at noon oclock
I leave my little box
I head out for some lunch
At Rosies, just a couple blocks

And every day I pass that organ grinder
Grinding out a tune
While a monkey with a tin cup
Dancing every noon

And everybody tosses money
Into that little tin cup
the man empties it
and tells the monkey to keep it up

So I stopped one day and asked him
Why you treat your monkey so bad
You probably hurt his feelings
You probably make him mad.

The organ grinder just laughed
And said buddy get a clue
It’s just a dumb animal
Like you see in the zoo.

The monkey don’t know
The monkey don’t know
The monkey don’t know whats goin’ on
The monkey don’t know

Well, I left town on business
Came back eventually
When I went to lunch
I was surprised to see

The monkey crankin out the tunes
While the organ grinder danced
Holding a tin cup
And wearing funny pants

I went up and told him
I don’t believe what I see
He gave me a dirty look
And said this to me

The monkey found out, the monkey found out
The monkey found out what was goin on
The monkey found out.
Track Name: Cliches
(Robertson 2014)
I ain’t smart and I aint cool/ sometimes I act just like a fool
I never really finished school
I don’t have an original thought/ in my head, I really ought
To read a little more than I do.
(chorus) Oh me, oh my/ you’re as sweet as crawfish pie
D G G7
You’re the apple of my eye, it’s true
C G D Em
Oh me, oh my/ I know I sound just like a jerk
But I’m hopin’ one of these clichés work on you

I work in a grocery store/ I’ve worked there since ‘84
I drag the empty carts off the lot
You come in on Saturdays/ I wanna say hi, I wanna say
Anything, but I cannot.


I ain’t no stalker/ I ain’t no creep/but sometimes just before I sleep
I try real hard to think of you
Hopin’ you’ll be in my dreams/but it don’t work or so it seems
You never are/ you never do


I’ve never tasted crawfish pie/ I’ve never had an apple in my eye
Thinking ‘bout you makes my head spin.
But if it makes any sense to you, if I’m really getting through
I just say it again and again.

Track Name: I'm Lucky
(Robertson 2012)

I had a small room in an old boarding house off the square
But across the street was a bar, I said why don’t we meet there?
I suggested that evening and you said okay
But you called me later and said let’s do the next day in the afternoon
I said fine, that’s fine with me I said fine, that’s fine with me

And I got there before you, I was standin’ there looking’
You came up behind me and you said what’s cookin’?
And I knew it was you, cause I could smell your perfume
The minute you opened the door and walked into the room

We got a table for two cause it was just me and just you
We ordered some food, we ordered some drinks too
But mostly just drinks, you were drownin’ your nerves,
We were drownin’ our nerves in drink

I drank Corpse Revivers you drank Margaritas
We ate all the food they brought out to feed us
You drank a lot in the afternoon and it turned into evening
And I guess you were there, cause you came over and sat on my lap,
You sat on my lap.

You said fuck me, I’m lucky, fuck me I’m lucky, fuck me I’m lucky tonight (6x)
Track Name: Couples Dance
(Robertson 13)

Gonna show you a step The two of us do
It’s a natural move, yeah, You know that it’s true
You move one way I move the other
You know that we never Even touch one another

We sidestep the truth, never says what we’re thinkin’
We stare at each other, neither one of us bllinkin’
We talk around it, never scream and shout
Gotta keep it in, keep it in, never let it out….never let it out

You know it’s easy, do it all the time
Do it in the evening at dinnertime
Do it in the morning over coffee and toast
We just avoid saying what we wanna say most


We do it while we’re drivin in our brand new car
We do it while we’re drinking at a fancy bar
We do it at the movies, we do it instead
We do it at night, yeah, while we’re lying in be

Track Name: It Don't Mean Nothin'
(If it don’t relate to you)
(C. Robertson ’10)

It don’t mean nothin’ if it don’t relate to you
It don’t mean nothin’ if it don’t relate to you
E7 F#m D
You don’t care if its tragic don’t care if its true
A E7 A
It don’t mean nothin’ if it don’t relate to you

You can’t walk by any mirror you pass
You cant walk by any mirror you pass
First you check out your lipstick
Then you check out your ass
You cant walk by any mirror you pass

There was a flood and Nashville washed away (2x)
It aint raining here
Is all that you could say

When you get the blues the whole world has to stop (2x)
I don’t remember making you
And emotional traffic cop
When you…
Track Name: Better Off Dead

I went out to the woods today
I walked around the pond
And all the things that reminded me of you were gone

Gone, baby, gone. That’s what I said
Gone, baby, gone, but you’re still in my head
Sometimes I think I’d be better off dead

You walked around the woods
In high heels and a skirt
The sky was blue, the rocks were warm
We made love in the dirt


The path is still there
Waterlilies on the pond
But it’s nowhere near the same
Ever since you’ve gone

Track Name: Ten Years Past Goodbye

When we got to the motel
It was well after dark
We drove by it twice
then we pulled in to park
We made love on the bed
With the pillows piled high
I was so glad you were with me
But I should have asked why.

You were crazy about who
You thought I was
I was crazy about you
Because because
You were crazy about who
You thought I was
I’m amazed it still hurts
But it does, it does


I tried to stay focused
But I think I lost track
You know I believed
There was no going back

But there was and you did
And I still don’t know why
And you know I still wonder
Ten years past good bye.


If I could go back
I don’t think that I could
Would you be lying there
I don’t think that you would
Track Name: Cheap Horror Movie
Cheap Horror Movie
(craig robertson 2011)

It’s the same old story, just a little more gorey
It’s better than a Shakespeare play
You’re as bloody and groovy as a cheap horror movie
I really prefer you that way

Theres a paper cutter cuttin’ slices of butter
To spread on your toast and brie
Your kitchen is spotless and your counters are clean
But that never mattered to me

I sat in your kitchen and watched you undress
It’s a movie I play endlessly
Somehow the whole thing seems less of a mess
Than trying to set your birds free

So if you leave me alone I’ll leave you alone
It’s something to shoot for anyway.
Stay under the ground, don’t come sneakin’ around
Maybe you should kneel down and pray.
Track Name: Kings

Used to be king of the world
Used to be my only subject was you
You used to be my only girl
I always knew the right thing to do
When you felt blue
When you felt blue

I would act like a fool and you would smile.
I always loved to see you smile
And I would go the extra mile
Just to bring it out again
When you felt blue
When you felt blue

I don’t believe in kings anymore
Perhaps I never really did before
I don’t know where you are but it’s not here
Sometimes I wish you were
When I feel blue
When I feel blue
Track Name: Whip Hand

You’ve got a whip hand baby and you use it too much
Your nerves and your feelings are out of touch
You like to keep him under control
But that whip hand is all that he knows

You’ve got a whip hand baby and you like to hurt
You treat your man like a dog in the dirt
You like to keep him under your heel
But that whip hand is all that he feels

You can pound on the walls, but the walls won’t fall down
You can hope that he calls, or maybe comes around.

But it’s that whip hand, baby, that’s gotta go
He may be crazy, but he ain’t slow
And you may not like it but I think you know
That whip hand has gotta go

Repeat bridge

Repeat last verse
Track Name: Walking Lions
(robertson 12)

I went down to the fairgrounds
The circus was in town
They were takin animals off the train
And walking them around

All except the lions
The lions came off last
They were taken to another field
They were taken to there fast

Why are they doin that? I asked
One tired roustabout
He looked at me awhile and said
Can’t you figure it out

You don’t walk lions with the monkeys
You don’t walk lions with the bears
You don’t walk lions with the horses
You just walk lions over there

I work the door at a nightclub
I watch everybody’s eyes
Not everybody gets in
Though everybody tries

Some tell me big long stories
Some tell me big long lies
But I don’t really listen
I just look for the jungle in their eyes


I put whiskey in my coffee to make it come alive
Everybody says I shouldn’t mix, and I suppose they’re right
Track Name: Blue Shadow
(Robertson 13)

I should have known
What everyone knows
You’re a blue shadow
On the white snow

I’m just an artist
I paint what I see
I use the colors
In front of me
Some colors are warm
Some colors are cold
Some colors are weak
While others are bold.


Some colors are wrong
Some colors are right
Some colors are dark
Some drink in the light
If people were seasons
I know which you’d be
You would be winter