by Craig Robertson

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This album contains my most recent collection of songs. Written and recorded over the last year, it takes some roads I have traveled and some I haven't taken before.


released 16 August 2015

Instruments used recording this album:
acoustic guitar,
soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukulele,
hawaiian guitar,
lap steel,
resonator guitar,
electric guitar,
baritone electric guitar,
tres cubano,
5-string openback banjo,
pony banjo, nylon strings,
electric bass,
drum programming,

This entire album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Boston MA.




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Craig Robertson Boston, Massachusetts

I live in a landscape of ghosts and scientific oddities. Memories surface like flying fish in a glassy ocean. Songwriting for me is like a spiderweb; the strangest things fly into it.

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Track Name: Pushin' Through

I’m walking down the path
in the forest today
The vines tangle around my ankles
Every step of the way
But I keep pushin thru
Tho I don’t understand what’s goin on
I hear small animals
Scurry off in the dark
When I struggle by
Some growl and some bark
But I keep pushin thru
Tho I don’t understand what’s going on
I can snatch defeat
From the jaws of victory
I can hear my heart beat
All the time in my ears
There ain’t one single star
In the sky overhead
The clouds are heavy
And the color of lead
Can you hear me screamin’?
Screaming your name
I never get an answer
But I scream just the same.
I come to a field
Of new mown hay
The moon’s shinin’ down
And I feel okay.
Track Name: Chernobyl Girl
(Robertson 2015)

She lives in a run down building

sleeps in a borrowed cot

cooks her food on an open fire

in a battered pot

Her skin is translucent

I'd swear she glows in the dark

all the fun in her eyes

is a boarded up amusement park.

I don't even know what she's got

but she's so hot

chernobyl girl

chernobyl girl

chernobyl girl.

She's so....

She's got so much energy

she always wears me out

she never hears the things I say

I always have to shout.

she's always angry

she gets me spinnin round

she's always angry

and she never cools down

Track Name: Dilettante
(Robertson 14)

You've dabbled in art, raising cats and birds
you've dabbled in design, you've dabbled in words
but you get so bored so quick
all your ponies got one trick
you've learned how to lie so there's no need to try

you're a dilettante, you don't know what you want
you don't care what you do as long as it's all about you
you're a dilettante, you don't know what you want
don't matter what you do, you won't see it through.

You've tried your hand at painting, tried your hand at golf
you've done a little gardening, and tried to improve yourself
you quit when something becomes work and stops being fun
you're a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Track Name: Black Moon

under the black moon
black moon

this old winter's been hard on me
I don't know anyone here
I feel invisible no one sees
I seem to disappear
I go out and whistle this tune
the air is wild and bright
it's the third full winter moon
but there's nothing to see tonight..
I go out and wear this face
the stores are closed up tight
the snow is falling like Queen Anne's lace
no shades, just black and white
Track Name: Driveway
(robertson 09)

When you came up the driveway
You looked I don’t know in that dress
And I ain’t never met nobody
Like you I guess (I guess)
I ain’t never met nobody
As strange as you
You don’t look like nobody
You’re so brand new (brand new)
Youre fingernails were black
Your skin was so white
And your heart was as dark
As the middle of the night (the night)
The click of your heels
On the asphalt drive
Was music that made me
feel alive (alive)
And I guess I’ve always wanted
Someone just like you
All of my life
All of my life
I just never knew (never knew)
And I would give anything
Now that I know
If you would just listen to me
And not go (Not go.)
Repeat first verse
Track Name: Salem

It was time to get out of town, I got a ticket north

one sunny day in late September

the tagging on the bridges and the walls along the way

wasn't quite as nice as I remember

I got off in Salem town and climbed that flight of steps

I've always had a good time on these streets

nothin' had changed but nothin' was the same

everything had changed

I didn't recognize the ground beneath my feet.


So I ain't going up to Salem no more

it used to be magical, now it's just a bore

I can see you standing behind every door

and I ain't going up to Salem no more.

I didn't stay, I took the next train back

I just grabbed an empty seat and settled down

the conductor was unfriendly, the window glass was fogged

it started raining when I got back into town.
Track Name: Opposites
(robertson 15)

never saw you dance,
never saw you dance
never saw you get up on the floor and take a chance
never saw you
never saw you dance

never heard you dream
never heard you dream
never heard you wake up from your bed and scream
never heard you
never heard you dream

I should remember this one simple fact
sometimes opposites
opposites don't attract

never saw you shake
never saw you shake
never saw you take it to the limit and break
never saw you
never saw you shake

never saw you shimmy
never saw you slide
never saw you take the devil for a ride
never saw you
never saw you slide

Track Name: Death Takes A Holiday
Death takes a holiday
(C. Robertson 2009)

I jumped off the bridge
And into the Bay
I hit the water hard
And just drifted away.
They were amazed that I lived
Was all the cops could say
Bb Bbm Dm
Death took a holiday.
Something happened to the engines
And the plane went down
It split up in three pieces
When it hit the ground
Everyone was okay
When the plane was found
Death took a holiday
Bb Dm
Bridge: Evil has reared its ugly, ugly head
Bb C
The living are living, but, then, so are the dead.
Db Ab
G6 A7
Nobody believes what their priest said...
No one walks the high steel anymore
They’re all out sellin’ drugs door to door
No one knows what all these guns are for
Death took a holiday.
Track Name: Secrets I Remember


Somebody must have washed out all the colors

the landscape is very unclear

Everything you left behind you

has just disappeared.


I cant stand to watch couples fucking in a movie

I cant stand to watch couples fucking on TV

they're pretending and it isn't even real

and I suppose that's what really bothers me

There are ghosts in the closets

there are ghosts in the hall

there are ghosts in my iPhone

whenever I try to make a call


There are secrets I remember

there are secrets I forgot

there are times I really really miss you

I thought it would fade away, but it's not

Track Name: Militarinoia

you been sleepin in your van

you're such a clever young man

you been sleepin on the beach

you think you're out of their reach


you know they wanna make you go

but all you have to say is no

to stop the war

you know you can

stop the war

they been knocking at your door

who are they lookin for?

Gonna run you down

better get outa town


well,they got your dad

got his brother too

and it killed your mother

when they broke the news


you dont hafta give up

just dont give in

no matter who you fight

you aint gonna win