The Red Hat

by Craig Robertson

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This album was loosely conceived as a cycle of songs describing the arc (or sine wave) of a relationship.


released June 28, 2016

all songs were recorded, engineered and produced in Boston, MA in the Spring of 2016. All instruments and vocals by Craig. Cover art and design by Susan Lesko at Lesko Design, Cleveland, Ohio.




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Craig Robertson Boston, Massachusetts

I live in a landscape of ghosts and scientific oddities. Memories surface like flying fish in a glassy ocean. Songwriting for me is like a spiderweb; the strangest things fly into it.

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Track Name: The Red Hat
(Robertson 16)

He wore a red hat
on a windy day
the wind came up
and took it away
it sailed the ocean
it sailed the sea
and landed in England
in a maple tree.

A woman passed by
saw it in the tree
tried to get it down
and set it free
had to borrow a ladder
from a truck going by
the man climbed up
and got it for her

the red hat, the red hat.
The red hat, the red hat

When she put it on
it was a perfect fit
the man with the truck
told her she looked fine in it
he took her to lunch
at a small cafe
the wind came up
and swept it away

It sailed across the Channel
on an evening breeze
got caught in France
on a sycamore tree
a boy climbed up
and brought it down
wore it to a party
just outside of town


a girl came up
said she liked his look
said he looked like a musketeer
from a Dumas book
they went outside
and watched the end of the day
and the wind came up
swept it away

Track Name: Expecting To Fall
Robertson 2016

I used to think
there was nothing so bad
as someone who killed
all the dreams that you had
someone who showed you how
your choices were wrong
the melodies you chose
never fit any songs

I've had good advice
but I've ignored it all
I'm my own worst enemy
expecting to fall.

If someone gave you
something you needed
if you were shown
the way you were treated
was always your fault
but you couldn't see
it was never your path
and you never were free

Winter is coming
I've been there before
but this time the winds are fierce
they scream and they roar
this time the daylight
is murky and grey
this time the cold
won't go away

Track Name: Red Tide
robertson 2016

chorus: Jade Louise, there's a red tide tonight
all the trees, are strung with christmas lights
baby please, it's such a terrible sight
when you cry
Jade Louise, why you always gotta be right?

Down on the beach
they're lighting bonfires
the sky is full of crazy points of light
don't ask me, I'm so sick and tired
of trying to decide what's wrong or right.


I took some photos by the water
you were laughing at the sun
sometimes you're the devil's daughter
you don't wanna talk to anyone


I never liked the park gazebo
until you leaned against the rail
I never understood your anger
I don't like pounding in that nail.

Track Name: Mary Go Round
(Robertson 2010)

Who you gonna meet tonight, Mary?
Who you gonna take for a ride?
Who ya gonna choose and what will you lose?
Guess it's time to run and hide.

Mary go round, Mary go round,
Mary dress up, Mary go down
Mary go out on the town.
Mary go round

when you smile you show your teeth
but it doesn't really mean you care
it's a sin, it's a sin, the way you grin
you missed learning how to share.


You've got a hawk tattooed on your arm
it spreads it's wings when you dance.
No one means you any harm
you've got to give them half a chance.

Where you goin' in those shoes
where you goin' in that dress?
It's not real life, so twist that knife
you're such a lovely mess.

Chorus 2x
Track Name: The Cage Door
The Cage Door
(crobertson ’10)

A young girl in the front row shouts
When he brings a parakeet in a birdcage out
How sad! She says, how sad to me
Why don’t you set set the poor thing free?

He looks at her and then the bird
And says what makes you think it wants to be?
He sets down the birdcage and opens the door
Then turns and walks off the across the floor

The audience expects the parakeet
To fly out the window and into the street
But nothing happens the bird just stays
It doesn’t leave, doesn’t fly away

The magician reappears adjusting his tie
He walks slowly back across the stage
He says see, it doesn’t matter if you’re free
If you’re afraid to leave your cage.

The young girl frowns and looks at her hands
Then looks back up at the stage
He says it truly doesn’t matter if you’re free
If youre afraid to leave your cage